11 things about cremation candlesticks and Eggs-Urns

2019 Oct 1st

11 things about cremation candlesticks and Eggs-Urns

Change is the passing of time. The days of asking, “...can we?” have been replaced with “why not’s” and “how to’s”. Can our shifting views, to see death as a celebration of life, be combined with the importance of creating home environments that look and feel beautiful? One in five families in North America keeps cremated remains in their home and some times they end up in a plastic bag, in a closet or in the bedroom – basically out of sight. Until now, the market didn’t have many urn options that felt current and just right to organically and seamlessly fit into our homes today.

Can the passing of the traditional cremation urn really be true? 

Read on, to see what Urban RIP can do for you. 

1. Sharing ashes: UrbanRIP keepsake Candlestick-Egg-Urns are meant to hold a small amount of cremated ashes. So it’s easy for families to share the cremains of their loved ones, avoid family conflict and keep a loved one close by.

2. A modern classic design: We design urns that do not look like traditional urns. Most importantly, we want you to have your loved one’s memory kept in plain sight in your home, yet private at the same time.

3. A place to personalize: Each keepsake Candlestick Egg-Urn comes with it’s own engraving nameplate that is placed at the bottom of the candlestick base for privacy.

4. Conveniently with you: More and more people find it hard to regularly pay their respects due to distance and our everyday busy lives, now loved ones can be near us.

5. A strong seal to protect: Cremated ashes are protected inside a 3.2" tall stainless-steel Egg-Urn that weighs 1.10 pounds. Our Egg-Urns are stackable and can be purchased individually, as a single Egg-Urn option or as a double Egg-Urn option. 

6. A modular design: Our Candlestick Egg-Urns are modular so they can be designed by you and be unique to you and your home. Our Egg-Urns can be purchased individually, to create a double Egg-Urn option.

7. Urns built into functional candlesticks: Our urns are designed in the shape of an egg, because of its universal appeal – an egg is the beginning of all life forms, a seed with a promise of rebirth and hope.

Candlesticks have a natural organic fit within our homes. A burning light brings comfort and warmth to the memory of our loved one, on special occasions and every day.

8. Quality and craftsmanship: UrbanRIP keepsake urns are handcrafted in Toronto by Canadian artisans using solid bars of U.S. steel. Each Candlestick Egg-Urn goes through five quality-control stations. In the final steps, while wearing white gloves, we place the Egg-Urns and Candlesticks into custom-fit containers — to ensure a safe journey to your home.

9. UrbanRIP supports the natural evolution of society’s need for change: We support all things cremation, including and not limited to ash sharing and Scattering memorials. We are a family owned company, founded based on our family’s need to find an urn that felt organic within our home, after our family experienced the loss of a beautiful baby boy named Athan. We wanted to keep his memory in plain sight, yet private at the same time.

10. A pet memorial solution: Urban RIP Candlestick Egg-Urns are meant to protect all our loved ones with beauty and integrity...beloved pets included.

11. It’s our honour: Because creating something beautiful and meaningful for your family is not only important to us, it’s an honour.