Celebrating World Egg Day

2019 Oct 11th

Celebrating World Egg Day

UrbanRIP joins the global celebration of World Egg Day and shares how eggs inspired their Canadian made Egg-Urns

For centuries, eggs have nourished and connected families around the globe. For UrbanRIP, eggs inspired their new Candlestick Egg-Urn. What is the significance of a cremation urn shaped as an egg? For Urban RIP, eggs inspired their new Candlestick Egg-Urn. A classic modern urn designed to be sharable and modular, allowing family heritage to stay in your home. Most importantly, a loved one's memory can be kept in plain sight, yet private at the same time.

Urban RIP cremation urns are designed to be egg-shaped, because of its universal appeal. Our ash sharing candlesticks bring comfort and warmth to the memory of our loved one, on special occasions and every day. Pet cremation and pet memorials are included.

The idea that the universe was born from an egg is shared by nearly all ancient civilizations. An egg is the beginning of all life forms, a seed with a promise of rebirth and hope. We tapped into decades of wisdom and reinvented the funeral cremation urn based on what is essential to our family and your family's needs today.

According to a survey conducted of funeral homes across California and Washington State, one in five people have cremated remains in their home. But sometimes cremated ashes end up hidden and out-of-sight because displaying them make others feel uncomfortable. We've all heard it, my aunts ashes are in my room, hidden out of sight.

With cremation rates on the rise, projected to be 76.9% by 2023 in Canada according to Canada Statista, and societies shifting-views to see death as a celebration of life, can now be combined with creating home environments that look and feel beautiful. Because the market didn't have many urn options that looked modern and discreet in your home, until now.

Cremated ashes are protected inside a 3.2" tall handcrafted stainless steel Egg-Urn that weighs 1.10 pounds, and holds 8tsp. of cremated ashes. Families can share cremated ashes to connect and avoid conflict by keeping a loved one close.

Happy #WorldEggDay