How to connect with colours

2021 May 9th

How to connect with colours

UrbanRIP is inspired by a connection and reflection of our roots. From ancient civilizations' death rituals to the ever greater need for sharing stories that promote healing and acceptance of death. 

The details and intricacies of our design come directly from nature, an egg symbolizing rebirth and hope. The modular symmetrical design of our candlesticks and the strength of material we use, has been inspired by one of the most influential design periods of our modern time. 

Lastly, our personal stories and lifestyles connect with the natural progress of humanity - a cycle of birth, life and death. 

Art Deco Azure 

“I live in a natural space. All the items I choose to place connect me to your essence. You will not be replaced.” UrbanRIP 

Art Deco is a movement of symmetry and modernity, both a style and a design function. Born in the industrial design era in the mid 1920’s Art Deco represents a lifestyle of confidence and societal progress. Inspired by ancient Egyptians and Aztecs this era represented strong machine made items with accents taken directly from nature. Today, we are still creatively influenced and moved by this era on both an artistic and energetic level.

The Art Deco design era inspired us to use the name Art Deco Azure in our discreet interiors collection. We name our colours in our keepsake collection to bring into the world deeper meaning and create symbolism with every piece there is a little part of our family story.

Blue Lace Agate

"I'm sending all the stars to you to light your way when you feel blue." UrbanRIP 

When you see the colour blue what does it symbolize to you? A sunny day with blue skies? Or a feeling of sadness and loneliness. The colour azure has many shades, we chose a soft azure colour for an Egg-Urn finish option because of its irresistible combination of sophistication and soothing elegance of the sky or a body of water.

Another important aspect for us, when naming our Art Deco Azure keepsake urn, is to match the colour with a healing crystal, that can resonate with our customers on a deeper more spiritual healing level. We chose the colour of the Blue Lace Agate healing crystal. 

Historically, Agate has been used as healing crystals dating back to Babylon to the Neolithic people. Used for its medicinal uses through the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations, throughout Africa, the Middle East and into Europe. 

The colour of Blue Lace Agate is a soft, soothing azure blue. It is known not as a protection crystal but a crystal of encouragement and support. Known as a stone of communication to help others articulate their truths. Often when we lose someone we love, the emotional pain is so severe, we lose ourselves from within. We try to stop our feelings, or fill the days with bottled up frustrations.

Healing in design

Blue lace agate has a sense of flowing energy, to uplift, encourage and give confidence to share our truths, sadness and fears. Death leaves a fragility in us that can only be healed by compassion and communication. The messy truth about grief is that no one likes to hear it for too long. While some can, what seems as moving on. 

This healing crystal also promotes calming stress-related situations and balancing of mind and body. Developing an understanding and sensitivity of our emotions, is one step, in the many steps in the road of grief. 

We send you an intention that you might be able to find the stabilizing energy needed to live on, never forgetting but endlessly letting emptiness to release it's grasp. 

You may appear delicate, but just like a Blue Lace Agate stone, but you are very strong. 

We believe in finding elements of healing in design. UrbanRIP lineup of luxurious Art Deco Azure candlestick keepsake urns, complement any modern or traditional home decor.