Six healing symbols in death icons

2020 Mar 25th

Six healing symbols in death icons

How to heal through grief.

Have you ever seen healing symbolism in death? 

Throughout history, our ancestors created symbols and euphemisms for death, grief, and healing. UrbanRIP started from trying to find meaning in a world covered with hurt from a loss of a child. We provide beauty and art to death. But we also try to help the living recognize or try to understand what healing from a loss can mean.

How can we use the symbolism of death icons for healing?

Each individual part in our keepsake cremation Candlestick Egg-Urns is made with symbolism and a connection to ancient symbols of death icons and their meaning in our everyday modern lives. Our designs are simple and intended to keep your family heritage in your home; dividing cremation ashes to share among your family and friends to support grief and connect. Our keepsake cremation urns are designed with threadable and interchangeable components, which makes them modular. There is so much symbolism in our keepsake Candlestick Egg-Urns.

1. Death icon: The ritual of lighting a candle

"I'm melting apart inside myself. I'm not so strong today. From the centre of my being, please let your golden light guide me this day." @urban_rip 

We follow in the footsteps of our ancestors in the ritual of lighting a candle to pay tribute to a life that has passed. This ritual can be traced back to the early 4th and 5th centuries. Over time the meaning of the candle lighting ritual has shifted.

Early civilizations believed the lit flame would ward off ghosts and demons that might harm the soul of the deceased. Greek and Roman civilizations used candlelight as a way to guide the dead on their final journey. In Europe and Asia, candles were buried with the deceased body to give them light in the next life.

In modern-day we typically light a candle to remember someone and show that their memory burns bright. A burning light brings comfort and warmth to the memory of our loved one, on special occasions and every day. Candlesticks have a natural place in our everyday life when we share, celebrate, or grieve, either in privacy or together as a family. Candle lighting rituals promote reflection and are a sign of recollection of a life that once lived.

The next time you light a candle for your loved one, remember to not only honour their memory and love you have for them. Also light the candle for your grief, your courage, your love, and your hope.

2. Death icon: The sound and shape of a bell

"Whisper sweet sounds in my ear. I promise I will not let them disappear. I interlace with your sounds as you leave me on the ground. I pray that I'll hear you one day." @urban_rip 

The sound of the bell is universally accepted as a way of communicating between the physical world and the world of spirit.

UrbanRIP incorporates the #bell shape into our candlestick urns because of the symbolism and meaning.

For some, a bell is a sacred object and the sweet nature of its sound has a quality of calming the atmosphere. Bell construction is as much an art as a science. The different diameter sections of the bell contribute to different harmonies.

When used in meditation, the sound of the bell helps to become present and in the moment—bringing inner silence, stillness, and calm to reflect, but never forget.

3. Death icon: Egg-Urn

"I keep a little piece of you to reflect every day. I walk with the weight of your absence. I scatter some of your ashes to release my grief and my never-ending sadness.” @urban_rip 

Are you wondering why our keepsake urns are egg shaped?

Our urn is designed in the shape of an egg because of its universal appeal. The idea that the universe was born from an egg is shared by nearly all ancient civilizations.

An egg is the beginning of all life forms, a seed with a promise of rebirth and hope. Our Candlestick Egg-Urns are dedicated to baby Athan, his life had meaning and beauty, and his absence inspired the gift of hope, healing, and love.

UrbanRIP keepsake urns are a perfect balance of symbolism and functionality for your home design elements. Our Candlestick Egg-Urns have a natural feel to them, and because the design is bold enough to sand out within your home, at the same time, they are a discreet way to display the cremains of your loved one.

4. Death Icon: Spinning Tops

"Spinning out of control from distress and pain. Knocked down by a force, I comprehend inner solitude is not the way to win this game. How do I stop turning around? I live in the dizzying knowledge that you are not on the ground." @urban_rip 

Spinning tops were found to belong to Greek and Roman civilizations. They were used in ceremonial mourning of the dead. UrbanRIP incorporates the spinning top shape into our candlestick urns. In many ancient cultures, spinning tops symbolized fertility, life and death. Our keepsake urns allow for time to reflect and never forget. 

5. Death Icon: A Column

"We are protected and connected by an invisible column made from your energy and love. I grieve your loss and rebuild my connections with everything and everyone. Slowly learning to love me without you." 

A column is believed to be a portal to the spiritual world.

Acting like a spine or a tree trunk, with an exit and entry point to and from the spiritual world. The column is a familiar feature of ancient and modern-day architecture that serves a dual purpose of supporting buildings as well as raising souls up to God—connecting your root chakra to your crown chakra.

So while it may appear that a column is only used for support and to make our candlestick keepsake urns taller, their presence in our design has a deeper spiritual meaning that is meant to be a reminder of the energetic connection to our loved ones—to reflect and never forget.

6. Death Icon: A Base

"I'm glaring straight into the eyes of the vast ocean of change." @urban_rip 

The word "base" has so much more symbolism and meaning than just the lowest part or edge of something. In the traditional sense, a base is a support system for any building or structure.

Just like basecamp is used by mountaineers to prepare their bodies and to provide supplies, shelter, and communications to help make their journey for the climb—it’s a support system to bring comfort to the climbers, and remind them that they are not alone and help can come if they need it.

In the spiritual sense, a base or root chakra regulates your sense with oneness, love, and harmony. In loss we lose this balance, sometimes losing ourselves from within—ambushed by overwhelming feelings.

In grief, we experience so many mixed emotions. Some of which we don’t exactly know what we feel or why we feel it. Beneath all of the emotions, we usually feel helpless, hurt, physical pain, fear, blame—we carry the weight of the absence of our loved ones every day.

A look beneath the base of our keepsake cremation urns, designed perfectly for an engravable nameplate. The base is the foundation in which our modular, interchangeable candlestick parts rest and are supported. The base is not meant to be a symbol of hiding emotions under the surface, rather it is meant to honour our loved ones that have departed.

We designed the base of our candlestick keepsake urn to remind us of the importance of a support system, and to be mindful of the missing space of our loved ones in our hearts. When you place the engravable nameplate beneath the base, know that this act is meant to symbolize a ceremony of remembering, honouring and healing within. Sending you light and love from the bottom of our hearts and everything in between.

So much symbolism in our candlestick keepsake urns.