What's your healing through grief story?

2020 Feb 20th

What's your healing through grief story?

Have you ever heard a story that made you laugh, or even cry — what about a story that paralyzed you, to wish it was all a lie?

"The world is your oyster. Seek and you shall find. Love remains undefined." @urban_RIP 

We all know of someone that knows someone who faced the tragic loss of a child, a parent, a relative and a friend. The more distant the relationship, the more palpable a topic of conversation. This way of thinking is not out of the ordinary it is called dissonance.

Psychologically, we are wired to not talk about the things we most fear, what others find inappropriate. By now, some may have headed to another post...maybe of a cat picture. If I had a cat picture, I would post it to make you laugh. But instead, I post a piece of my heart. ⁠ ⁠Something I gave the world when my world was overturned with emptiness. Everywhere I look I am constantly reminded of what I missed out on and what will never be. I wish not to hurt, but to educate and share my story of love, life, death and healing within this world of hurt — I simply speak-up with my truth.⁠ ⁠

The reality is most of us do not want to be around anyone that is not uplifting, positive and makes us feel good. Which is the polar opposite of the emotions we feel in difficult times throughout our lives. So we pretend, put up appearances and turn inward. Being on the other side of things we may even tell lies to make the other person feel better, give them a nod and a full toothy grin. Praying that they will go away with their sad stories and move on to something...well something nicer feeling.

Can stories change the way we perceive the world? Can hearing other people's stories of loss really change or even challenge our beliefs on grief, death or how we honour someone's life? This is a question that remains on my mind and in my heart every day.

Here’s a glimpse of my story. 

“I walk along a dark-gray unforgiving muddy road covered with the Earth's tears. I've lost my composure and now crawl through the sludge of terrifying swampy sorrow. I'm raw with salty tears — I can't stop crying for you.” @urban_RIP


Now that you know someone that has suffered a deep life-changing loss, you can tell my story. And how this entire line of keepsake cremation urns came from a missing piece of my heart. Our intent is to spread not only my story but my compassion, love and light — from the bottom of my heart and everything in between.

UrbanRIP brings a new option to families that choose cremation and wish to share their loved one’s ashes; a discreet keepsake urn option, the Candlestick Egg Urn, for ash-sharing fits seamlessly within a home’s décor. UrbanRIP started from trying to find meaning in a world covered with hurt from a loss of a child. We provide beauty and art to death. But we also try to help the living recognize or try to understand what healing from a loss can mean.