Our philosophy

We tapped into decades of wisdom and reinvented the traditional funeral urn based on our family's lifestyle needs.

...Because it was time.  

Designed to bring healing elements within your life, offering inspiration and hope.

Our goal is to provide your family with an alternative to the classic cremation urn, with the aim to gently shift views of the stigma on death and ash sharing. UrbanRIP defines the importance of craftsmanship and creates products to protect the integrity of the remains of your loved ones.

Good design doesn’t start and end with the aesthetic of our products.  It trickles into the overall experience our company provides to our customers and their families.

We provide healing through beauty and art

Our cremation urns are a portal reflecting modern consumer tastes combined with a visual diary of our families' experiences — in loss, grief, hope and healing.  

Gently shifting view of death

There is nothing creepy about death, there is nothing wrong about grief and there is nothing wrong about sharing cremains or scattering ashes.

Our Designs

Our designs reflect the spiritual need of keeping our loved ones close.

Keeping loved ones close

Until now, the market didn’t have many urn options that felt current and just right to organically and seamlessly fit into our homes today. Our intention is to integrate funeral urns within everyday life, while bringing comfort and keeping your loved ones close.


Every piece in our collection is handcrafted with the intention to spread wisdom, bring forth compassion and connect within our stories. The collection also brings the memory of life into spaces for those looking to honour their departed loved ones and illuminate their world with pure inspiration.


Our cremation keepsake egg urns are created one by one; with integrity to safeguard your loved ones. We start with a solid block of U.S. stainless steel and ensure that each part is inspected five times before it reaches your home and your loved one.


The details and intricacies of our design come directly from nature, an egg symbolizing rebirth and hope. The modular symmetrical design of our candlesticks and the strength of material we use, are all inspired by Art Deco — one of the most influential design periods of our modern time.

Why the candlestick?

A burning light brings comfort and warmth to the memory of our loved one. Candlesticks have a natural place in our life — used to celebrate or grieve, together as a family.

Why the Egg-Urn?

The idea that the universe was born from an egg is shared by nearly all ancient civilizations. An egg is the beginning of all life forms, a seed with a promise of rebirth and hope.

Our products

The intention of designing this product was not just to create a good looking high-quality urn, that can integrate within the background of our lives. As a designer and through the personal experience of profound loss, this journey allowed us to reflect on our family's needs and also understand the needs of our customers. Most importantly, through our own stories we can give proper meaning to our products so that our keepsake urns can be understandable and discoverable by the families who honour us by choosing a keepsake urn created by UrbanRIP. 

A tight seal
...to protect

Keepsake urn threading into candlestick rod.

Each keepsake Candlestick Egg-Urn holds 8 tsps of cremains. A set of two Candlesticks with single Egg-Urns will hold 8 tsps in each urn.

A place to personalize
...to reflect

Cremation keepsake candlestick base, showing space to insert nameplate.

Each keepsake Candlestick comes with its own double-sided metal nameplate, which can be personalized and placed on the bottom.

Modular design
...to keep and share

Agnes Galas holding a candlestick keepsake urn

Our keepsake urn designs are simple and intended to keep your family heritage in your home; some families choose to divide cremains.

Quality is in the weight

Feel the quality in the weight of our keepsake urns. Cremains are protected inside a 3.2" tall stainless-steel Egg-Urn weighing 1.0 pound — vault-like protection.

2 Candlesticks with 2 Egg-Urns

Total weight 4.8 lbs (2.2 kg)

Outline of 2 Candlesticks with 2 Egg-shaped cremation keepsake Urns.

2 Candlesticks with 4 Egg-Urns

Total weight 6.9 lbs (3.1 kg)

Outline of 2 Candlesticks with 4 Egg-shaped cremation keepsake Urns.

3 Candlesticks with 3 Egg-Urns

Total weight 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)

Outline of 3 Candlesticks with 3 Egg-shaped cremation keepsake Urns.

3 Candlesticks with 6 Egg-Urns

Total weight 10.8 lbs (4.9 kg)

Outline of 3 Candlesticks with 6 Egg-shaped cremation keepsake Urns.


Inside UrbanRIP

Our entire process is focused on you and your family, our customers. The end result of our unwavering focus is the quality and care we put into unpacking an UrbanRIP product. Our luxury and specialty packaging is custom in design. Every detail is thought out to ensure the integrity and safe arrival of our keepsake urns to your home.

We take our responsibility seriously

This journey is often a very emotional one. Even our ecommerce box is well throughout, with a personal message from our Founder. We make our packaging to ensure a gentle and visual sensory experience. Our packaging is artistic and visually appealing as the urn inside. There are no corners cut, every corner of the box is designed to be clean, minimal and elegant. Our logo is not the centre of attention, but silver foiled at the bottom left.

To ensure that opening the box is a unique experience, we also place an instruction booklet, white gloves, a spoon and a funnel made from stainless steel, to use while handling the product and cremains of your loved one. In the final packaging steps, while wearing white gloves, we place the Egg-Urns and Candlesticks into a custom-fit container — to ensure a safe journey to your home.

Finally, for each candlestick we provide polished nameplates for engraving, a name or a passage, that can be placed underneath.

Polished silver keepsake egg shaped urns in packaging.
Agnes Galas showing the packaging box and 2 candlesticks with funnel and spoon.