Our Story

Being lost

It all began on a crisp sunny winter’s day, with the courage to ask a single question. A question so simple yet filled with so much pain. “How can we honour and remember the memories and the lives we shared — when the person we loved can no longer be here?”

That question turned into a promise, and the promise turned into a vision to make a change. Unknowingly, the idea of UrbanRIP was born that day.

Athan's handprints

The road to healing

Empathy and compassion

Our family experienced the loss of a beautiful baby boy named Athan. We never heard Athan’s cry or looked into his eyes, as they were forever closed. Our family was cheated by fate and life changed forever – Athan was stillborn.

Dreams for a newborn were replaced by funeral, cremation and burial plans. Keeping a small portion of Athan’s cremated ashes in our home was ultimately important to us, because we didn’t know how to say goodbye.

Can you overcome the stigma of death?

We wanted to have Athan's cremains close, to mourn his death in our own way, and to share our continued life with him near us. Most importantly, we wanted his memory kept in plain sight in our home, yet private at the same time.

Seeing an urn every day in our home did not bother us. But for others seeing an urn felt creepy and even brought others to judge and ask questions like, "When will you move on?"

After many years the burning need to honour a thought from a crisp winters day came back. UrbanRIP was founded based on our family’s need to find an urn that felt organic within our home elements. It could not just be a product, but a beacon of hope. Most importantly, not only to protect Athan's cremains but to share a small portion with close family.

Athan’s life had meaning and beauty, and his absence inspired the gift of hope, healing, and love.

About us

We tapped into decades of wisdom and reinvented the funeral urn based on what is essential to our family and your family’s needs today.

UrbanRIP is a Canadian design company, based in Toronto. We are a family-owned company, founded based on our family’s need to find an urn that felt organic within our home, after our family experienced the loss of a beautiful baby boy named Athan. We wanted to keep his memory in plain sight, yet private at the same time.

Our products are designed to look discreet within your home so that only you know what beloved treasure lies within. Our keepsake cremation urns are created to have the option to divide cremated ashes amount family and close friends. They're designed to be interchangeable, modular, and stackable. All UrbanRIP products can be personalized, and they are handcrafted out of solid bars of U.S. stainless steel.

A beackon of hope, filled with so much symbolism. A deep understanding and empathy to know how to hold on and also live on.

Agnes Galas

Candlesticks today, memories tomorrow.

Agnes Galas, Founder and Creative Director

“I made a promise to disrupt the funeral market. After completing three years of thorough l research on the world’s oldest industry, that promise became a vision to make a change. A chance to offer a solution and redirect our resistance and others' discomfort, to gently shift views of the stigma on death and to integrate funeral products within our home decor.”

“Because creating something beautiful and meaningful for your family is not only important to us, it’s an honour.” UrbanRIP